"Happy Pets...Happy Clients!"

Our true passion is caring for pets and as
Certified Paw Academy Pet Care Specialists,
our # 1 Rule is, To Treat Each and
Every Fur-Kid as They Were Our Own!

We provide individual programs 
personalized to help achieve 

your pet's behavior  goals. 

Paw Academy Pet Care

Our Favorite Quotes

Our Pet Care Motto:

 "You've Got a Friend in Me"

Our Everyday Mission:

Dedication, Loyalty, & Love
to Each & Every Paw Academy Pet!"
Simply Type in Your
Pet Care Invoice Number, Pay the Amount Due
and Your Done!
Calling All Dogs In Trouble
Any Breed, Age & Size...
We’re Here To Help!

 Provide fun walks/exercise
+ Give pets food/fresh water
+ Administer medications
+ Provide "playtime" & TLC
+ Reward them with treats
+ Text Updates & pictures

​+ Special Needs & Requests

Pay Your Pet Care Invoice Online

Professional Pet Sitting Services

Professional Private Training
Paw Academy Pet Care offers Professional, Client Customized 
In-Home Pet Care, Walking, Pampering, Playtime and Personalized Training! 
(At This Time, We Do Not Offer Boarding)

We can accommodate your companions for a mid day walk
because you have a longer than expected meeting or daily visits
during a 2 week much needed vacation for you and your family. 

If Pets Could Talk....They Would Agree,
"There is No Place Better Than Home" and that's how we help!

Our Mission of Success: 
"To provide safe, healthy, pet loving services to pets and their people" 

Our everyday Business Goal is Dedication, Loyalty & Love
To Each & Every Paw Academy™ Pet!... "Happy Pets.... Happy Clients"

Proudly Serving Pampered Pets in Celebration, FL

Professional In-Home Pet Sitting Company

Walks        Playtime        Pampering       Training
We know your pets are the key to
HAPPINESS in your daily lives!

Our Location


Celebration, FL

Professional In-Home Pet Care

52 Riley Road #396

Celebration, FL 34747



We take pride in serving
our customers with the
best pet care, products & information available 
in the pet market! 
We Love Our Pet Clients! 

Client Review

& Fun Pictures

We Love All Pets

and Pledge To Help!

Our company has a true love for all animals

and we take pride in our jobs by helping all Pets!​

We help fulfill the SPCA’s wish list of items necessary by sponsoring Local Collections and Delivering the needed Goods to the Pets in need,

until they too can find a Loving Forever Home!


Office Hours


Monday - Friday:          8 - 6 
Saturday:                     8 - 2

Sunday:   Emergencies Only




Paw Academy Pet Care

Pet Care Invoice #
Proudly Serving Pampered Pets in Celebration, FL

Schedule Your Meet & Greet

​or Pet Care Visit Requests!

The Meet & Greet is a free visit which includes A New Client Folder, Our Meeting to gather notes and details about your pets and a Fun Welcome Gift For Them! 

"No one appreciates the very special genius

of your conversation as the dog does"

- Christopher Morley

"We give dogs time we can spare,

space we can spare, and love we can spare.

And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal a man has ever made."

- M. Facklam

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness,

forgot about puppies"

- Gene Hill

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